The Stuck At Home Resources List

Online *free* learning resources for you and your children. Advance your career and open their world with these excellent and FREE options!

A Year of Uncertainty

Honestly I have been at home this week, working remotely, with the kids on spring break. I knew I have more opportunity to write and get the blog going again but I have sat down and have not been able to write anything. I feel overwhelmed in our world right now. It hit me thisContinue reading “A Year of Uncertainty”

Healing Garlic Soup Recipe

This recipe has truly been a lifesaver through the years and has genuinely reduced the time my family and I are sick. I recommend making 2 batches and everyone in the household having a bowl if one person is sick. Garlic has been proven to be medically beneficial and during these times I thought thisContinue reading “Healing Garlic Soup Recipe”

Positive Energy

Lets all focus on maintaining the positive energy and a focus on our physical and mental health. Stay safe out there! Our local grocery stores are swamped, school districts are closing, and my office is preparing a WFH strategy. Remember to check on your elderly and immuno-compromised friends, family, and neighbors. Do not let theContinue reading “Positive Energy”