The Journey to Joy Continues with Tacos and Donuts!

The whole point of working for yourself is doing things you love, things that make you happy!

The One Where Rachel is Poor

Honestly writing these posts has been so easy for me so far. However, as I go deeper into my own story the writings will get harder to put out. It isn’t about a lack of ability, or time, or even motivation; it is just sifting through the line of what I want to share andContinue reading “The One Where Rachel is Poor”

Ambition, Dirty 30, and Fulfillment?

If you read my previous post then you already know I am pulling you with me on this journey of self re-discovery. Ahead of my upcoming 30th birthday I had a breakdown moment when I realized that the list I had made for myself so many years ago had no check marks on it. WhenContinue reading “Ambition, Dirty 30, and Fulfillment?”