Positive Energy

Lets all focus on maintaining the positive energy and a focus on our physical and mental health. Stay safe out there! Our local grocery stores are swamped, school districts are closing, and my office is preparing a WFH strategy. Remember to check on your elderly and immuno-compromised friends, family, and neighbors. Do not let the panic get the best of you.

If you can make it through the night there is a brighter day.


It Happened.

I turned 30 this weekend you guys. You may have noticed I missed my regularly scheduled post- sorry guys I was caught up in my energy from this weekend! I got the most amazing haircut and color I have ever gotten and was able to get my first piercing! It was a crazy weekend and I feel fully ready to tackle my 30’s now. After a lot of self reflection and focus- I really feel a level of clarity I have not felt in decades. Yeah- I said decades.

To know what your next move should be in your career or your love life or with your family- I strongly recommend taking some time to really spend with yourself. Do things you have put off or deemed selfish (within reason) and do not give yourself room to regret it. Honestly this was the best birthday gift I have ever received and I am so grateful to have a loving partner who could facilitate this dream of mine. I met amazing women who did my piercing and my hair this weekend and their energy gave me such a positive freeing moment. I got to truly enjoy them in their element and it helped me to understand where my heart truly is with my career.

I am going to post some information on these amazing women; if you are ever in Austin, Texas check them out!

This is a video of my hair experience and the Instagram of the amazing artist who made it possible!
Check out their piercer Jade @ the north Austin location!

Spotify Playlists for the Week

This week it will be a little different. I am posting links to the podcasts I have on repeat!! I am a podcast addict and I particularly love historical podcasts.

Tasha Booth-The Launch Guild
Side Hustle School
Noble Blood
Dictators by ParCast
Dying for Sex

Weekly Menu

Here is my menu for my family for the week! For a window into the basics of my process (and to make it easier on yourself!) please read my post on How to Effectively Meal Plan. The free and available download of this template is available down below as well. I am also available to work with you to create custom templates and help you organize this part (or many parts) of your life.

Weekly Menu- Meal Planning Template

How I am working to #BeBetter

Lets take a quick break on the Passion Interviews and talk about my birthday! I am turning 30 on Saturday and this birthday is a landmark one. This major life milestone I am so fortunate to be able to stress about is what led to this blog beginning in the first place. Do you ever get that unsettling feeling where you know you should be doing something else you just can’t? Well the last few years of my 20’s were a lot of that feeling. Feeling like I could do more and be more- for myself, my family, and my community.

I have spent the last year of my 20’s focusing on self-improvement and taking that energy into my house and community to continue to improve things for other people. I have recently started working with the Austin Alzheimers Association- The Longest Day. Their mission to help those affected and their caregivers and families is so awesome. I have seen the effects of dementia on some in my family and I have always worried that it would eventually strike even closer to home since there is still no cure!

At our first meeting we discussed everyone’s “why” for volunteering and it was very powerful to listen to all the lives this disease has affected. As we work to find a cure or a treatment- we can’t lose focus on supporting those who are living it. I feel like in our modern online world there is always a GoFundMe or another birthday charity to support and people have become desensitized. I personally feel like you need to put your resources where your heart is. If your heart lies with Alzheimers help and prevention this link will take you to their donation page. The Longest Day campaign is different because anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up and participate in an activity of their choosing to raise money. Organize a bike ride, a trail hike, a pancake breakfast, or a hula hoop contest.

I know this is a bit outside my typical content but entering my 30’s has changed my perspective on the world and my place in it. I am becoming more self assure and learning about my value, and part of that is working to help those in my community in causes I am passionate about. I have not done as much this year as previously but I also am involved with the PTA and the Williamson County Animal Shelter. So many amazing people working to increase the quality of life for everyone in the community. I am attaching a flyer below with additional information and I encourage everyone to find someone in their community in need and support them this year. Instead of asking for donations for my birthday this year I am asking everyone to look outside themselves and find people who they can truly help. Lets make #BeBetter a positive thing.

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