Fabian’s Passion Interview

I met Fabian over a year ago through a stroke of random luck. I had a massage gift certificate and really really needed my shoulders massaged (migraine trigger). I called the location closest to me and they were booked solid so, I called the next closest and they only had one opening that day with a man named Fabian. As him and I joke I was apprehensive seeing a male masseuse and obviously expected Fabio with a name like that! Luckily for me he is a hilarious, highly skilled, and multi-faceted individual.

I always enjoy supporting my local economy and my friends businesses so please in these uncertain times book local! If you are in the Austin, TX area I highly recommend Fabian.

I am Fabian Guerrero II, a licensed massage therapist from the Austin area and hardcore procrastinator. Hoping to start my own business in the massage industry, I want to build a massage empire based on competition in gaming. In my spare time I am usually dancing or doing karaoke.

Fabian Guerrero II
  1. What is your passion?
    • My passion is helping people. If I can make a difference in someone’s life, that’s what I strive for.
  2. How did you realize that?
    •  I found my passion when I was very young. My aunt who took care of me when I was growing up suffered a stroke when I was in 3rd grade. I watched her go through therapy to walk and talk again but not for her arm. I got to see her relearn to walk and talk but her arm atrophied. Most would say “I’m sorry”, but I found it incredible to see what happens when you get the therapy compared when you don’t. There was no one circumstance or one person vs the other. It was all happening in the same body and it amazed me.
  3. What have you done/are you doing to live out your passion?
    • I went to college for kinesiology but, because of my ADHD, my auditory learning is sporadic. My family not believing I needed glasses stunted my visual learning to the point where I learn almost entirely by touch. A college classroom of sitting did not help but, finding a trade school to learn massage where I was hands on from the first week made all the difference. I’ve spent my time working in spas and chiropractic offices wanting to help as many as I can.
  4. What attracts you to this passion?
    • Seeing my clients face when they regain range of motion, or when they tell me a week later they slept through the night for the first time in months, is what keeps in this passion of mine.
  5. If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?
    • If I could give a younger self any advice, I would let them know that college is not the only route. There are other ways to get an education other than a college education.
  6. What would you say to someone who doesn’t know what their passion is yet about how to find it?
    • For those who do not know their passion, try everything. Do not say no to experience and do not turn away from tragedy because you never know what could change your life.

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