Personality Tests and Life Goals

I finally took the plunge and took the infamous personality test. In my freelance world I see quite a few job posts asking for your personality type. I have taken assessment tests in the past but not the personality specific test. I was very surprised to find it 98% accurate exactly to my personality! I am an INTJ-T, the Architect type, which is apparently rare for women. As soon as I started voicing this to people who know me they immediately were telling me “YES THAT IS SO YOU!”. I am also finding I naturally surrounded myself with my compatible personality types. 

I remember in high school taking a personality test to determine which career field is your best fit. I wanted to be in the entertainment industry at that point in time and was very disappointed that singer/dancer/actress was one of my lowest scoring careers. The test suggested I would love to work in the management side of business and finance equally. I just remember thinking ewww who wants to be an accountant or a boring business person when I could be the next J.Lo! 

Life has played the cruel joke on me that it turns out I love contracts, accounting, and general business administration. My bookkeeping certification was some of the most fun I have had in my college level education, not to mention how fun Excel certification training is! 

I strongly recommend taking your personality test to see what you are- but only do it if you are willing to be truly honest. I wish I had taken all of this more seriously sooner in my life so I could pursue my true passions. Sure most kids don’t dream of being an accountant or an administration whiz, but for me I feel at peace in these areas. Going down this path to honestly explore my passion, as well as interviewing other passionate people around me has led me to question everything I thought I knew about myself. Change is scary and uncomfortable but you need to change to grow! I can feel myself growing and not just my marketable skill set but myself as a person. So much has changed within myself in the last 6 months it is unreal. I have developed an ability to better assert myself and I am working to put myself into uncomfortable situations more regularly so I can grow. 

When you wake up with the cold sweats afraid of what the day will bring, what is it you are really afraid of? Are you more afraid of dying or living? A fear of dying is healthy, an evolutionary benefit, but a fear of truly living is what is holding back so many people from their own passions. Join with me in being done with letting fear control us, done with letting life dictate our life, and done with the judgement of our true selves. Don’t be afraid to truly LIVE!!!!

Published by lovelylittlethingscreations

I am a mother of 2, divorced and remarried, LGBTQ+, freelance VA, personal finance/budget lover, and meal planning foodie! This blog is where I empty the thoughts in my head, I am documenting my journey through my own mini mid-life crisis. Follow along with me down this rabbit hole!

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