The Journey to Joy Continues with Tacos and Donuts!

I took some time for myself this Sunday. I did not schedule any obligatory commitments for work or design or anything. My youngest has been home sick and honestly we all needed a break and to just enjoy each other’s company. There are a few things that make me feel truly zen and at peace within myself- running and cooking/baking. I have not gone running in years and while that is on my list for 2020, I decided everyone benefits when I am in the kitchen. 😁😋

I got to work trying out some new recipes I had been craving and tweaking some old favorites. I made birria consomme tacos, mexican rice, and beans. Then for meal prep for the week I made egg bites with spinach, red pepper, and parmesan as well as cinnamon mini donut bites. All that time in the kitchen really centered my soul. When I am cooking and baking it gives me the ability to let my mind work in the background and solve some of my own problems. The first major one is an attitude adjustment. 

I had let my surroundings and the things I was dealing with genuinely affect my attitude about myself, my new business, my career, and my general well-being. The only person I am hurting with my negative attitude is myself, and honestly my family. I needed to change what I can change and accept what I can’t change. One of life’s hard lessons that I need to continually remind myself of. There are times I feel less, I feel down, and my long term migraine and nerve damage does play a part in that. However, I let myself wallow in the pain and sadness and now my medicine is working again and it is time to get back to the business of being happy! 

The whole point of working for yourself is doing things you love, things that make you happy! I love the administrative aspect of business. I like data entry and creating Excel tables and charts. I am that weirdo who likes streamlining processes and creating compliant SOPs. This brings me joy (so if you hate it, I have open appointments 😏). 

Something else that truly brings me joy is preparing food for people. I love going into the kitchen and coming out with delicious nourishment! I took the step and got my Texas food handlers certification to comply with cottage laws and I am working on starting up that side hustle. Honestly, the message today is to do what brings you joy. We only get so many spins on this earth and why should we do it stuck somewhere that makes us feel bad about ourselves. If you aren’t happy then change something! Change all the things! There is something so cleansing about being able to write about experiences and I would love to hear from some of you; what brings you joy and how are you working to incorporate that into your everyday?

Published by lovelylittlethingscreations

I am a mother of 2, divorced and remarried, LGBTQ+, freelance VA, personal finance/budget lover, and meal planning foodie! This blog is where I empty the thoughts in my head, I am documenting my journey through my own mini mid-life crisis. Follow along with me down this rabbit hole!

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